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The purpose of all our programs is to change lives and sustain futures of our communities, households, and individuals. We provide services to meet the needs of underprivileged, disadvantaged, low-income and at-risk populations. Our mission is simple provide "a better choice for a better start." We accomplish this through empowerment, education, and financial literacy.

Youth Experince

Our youth services provide on-hands support in reading, media, and finance.

Young Adult Support

Our young adults ages 16-24 are taught the necessary tools in media, technology, sciences, and finance. We provide the resources to become "future ready" and move the economy forward not backwards.

Women's Support Group

Women come together to share their Voice! We give them the resources to improve their financial situations, become financially aware to change their economic conditions.

Support judgement

Volunteer your time: ask how

Give to support our work as we provide financial literacy, empowerment and education.

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